Parexel and Eli Lilly team up in effort to bolster clinical trial R&D program in China

Parexel building
Parexel and Eli Lilly announced they are partnering to support a clinical trial learning and development program in China. (Parexel)

Global CRO Parexel is partnering with pharma giant Eli Lilly to support building a clinical trial learning and development program in China.

The effort is part of the two companies' hope to help drive innovation in China’s biopharmaceutical industry by bringing high-value training opportunities to the country’s clinical trial sites and investigators.

As part of an effort to spur drug development innovation, China recently announced new policies designed to increase the number of clinical trials there. The country saw a 63% increase in registered and publicized clinical trials—1,258—in 2017 versus the previous year. Yet, the number of GCP-qualified clinical trial sites didn’t show significant increases between 2014 and 2016.


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The program between Parexel and Eli Lilly combines a curriculum designed by clinical research practitioners that includes the latest policies, real-world cases and an advanced knowledge of industry trends.

“We remain committed to providing advanced and comprehensive learning and development solutions for the world’s clinical trial sites and investigators," Dr. Albert Siu, Parexel’s corporate VP for global learning and development, said in a statement. “Based on our shared values and mission, Parexel is collaborating with Lilly to help even more clinical trial investigators in China and facilitate the innovation of China’s biopharmaceutical industry.”

Participants who complete the program will be issued certifications. The program’s curriculum is certified by TransCelerate BioPharma, which is a nonprofit focused on biopharmaceutical research and development.