Panthera Biopartners launches, announces first trial site with plan for execs, expansion

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More trials are on the horizon for Panthera Biopartners, with a CEO set to be named soon. (peshkov/iStockPhoto)

Independent site management organization (SMO) Panthera Biopartners has kick-started its first clinical trial in the U.K., officially launching as it looks to tap a C-suite team and raise cash.  

The first clinical trial site starts in the north of England, with three “trials already in the pipeline,” the SMO says in an email to FierceCRO.

“At least three further sites to open in the U.K. in 2020,” the company adds, as it looks to shortly announce a new CEO and other high-up appointments and is “in discussions on international expansion” outside of the U.K.

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Dr. Ian Smith, founder of Synexus, one of the world’s largest SMOs, is also one of the founders of Panthera alongside Professor John Lyon, who was previously a global executive in CRO Covance (now LabCorp) and a serial entrepreneur. The company is currently raising its A round, “which will be concluded shortly,” the company says.

SMOs essentially implement trials on behalf of clients, from CROs to pharma and biotech companies.

Panthera is initially aiming at recruiting patients and running clinical trials in therapy areas that are traditionally managed in primary care including cardiac disease, allergies, migraine, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. In the new year, the company is looking at nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in primary care and oncology and neurology for secondary care.

Smith said: “It has been so encouraging talking to CROs and major pharma companies. They have really welcomed the entry of Panthera Biopartners as an independent SMO which incorporates new technology into the running of clinical trials and the recruitment of patients.

“We plan to have a number of sites up and running by the first quarter of 2020 with an ongoing expansion program across the UK and overseas.”

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