Oracle foresees speedier trials with Cognizant tie-up

Major tech company Oracle is teaming up with digital life sciences firm Cognizant to hasten trial starts.

Cognizant’s Shared Investigator Platform (aka SIP), which works as a life sciences software as a service solution, is being wedded into Oracle’s health sciences division.

The idea is that by combining the Oracle and Cognizant systems, CROs and sponsors will be able to “ease common burdens,” the pair said in a statement, such as manual and paper-based processes, complex technology systems and multiple log-ins.

For sites, the integration provides a centralized profile that is maintained by the site and can be used across multiple studies by sponsors and CROs. This centralization, plus the ability to use a single log-in, “will save both time and costs,” the partners state.

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“Being able to stay connected, reduce administrative work, and stand up clinical trials quickly is paramount, especially as the world faces the pandemic and must maneuver around social distancing guidelines,” said Srinivas Shankar, global head of life sciences at Cognizant.

“Together, Oracle and Cognizant have worked with more than 200,000 investigative sites globally. This level of experience and expertise is unmatched,” added Sujay Jadhav, global vice president, product management, at Oracle Health Sciences.

“The combination of Oracle’s optimized workflows for regulatory and organizational compliance, together with our advanced predictive capabilities based on machine learning with Cognizant’s site-centric platform will make the overall management of study startup operations across multiple sites easier and more cost effective.”