OneStudyTeam, Antidote Technologies plan to streamline trial recruitment

OneStudyTeam and Antidote Technologies are collaborating to help streamline clinical trial recruitment efforts for sites and sponsors.

OneStudyTeam, which uses a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform, and digital patient engagement specialist Antidote are focused on breaking through clinical trial bottlenecks for site managers such as having to log into a variety of patient referral portals versus a single portal, thereby slowing down the process.

The StudyTeam platform allows staff to employ a single system to manage enrollment across all patient sources and connects sites and sponsors in a central hub designed to increase transparency, collaboration, speed and predictability. Antidote’s contributions to the partnership are its data-driven technologies, digital expertise, deep domain experience and a diverse partner network to find patients for trials.

Additionally, the collaboration integrates StudyTeam's Referral Partner Interface that includes a race and ethnicity feature designed to meet the growing demand to diversify clinical trials. The diversity data give sponsors a snapshot of who is and isn’t enrolling in their trials so recruitment adjustments can be made to reflect real-world populations.

In May, the Committee on Improving the Representation of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Clinical Trials and Research released a report that highlighted the “critical shortcoming” in clinical research conducted in the U.S. due to a lack of representation in clinical trials. While diversity has become an increasingly important priority in clinical research, the study said racial and ethnic minority populations continue to be left out.