Novartis partners with Albumedix to explore albumin drug delivery platform

Close-up of handshake between person in suit and person in business shirt.
Novartis will evaluate Albumedix’s Veltis drug delivery technology. (Getty Images)

Novartis will partner with Albumedix, a U.K.-based specialist in recombinant human albumin, to explore using the company’s technology as a possible drug delivery platform for several therapies.

Under the agreement, the pharma giant will evaluate Albumedix’s Veltis drug delivery technology, which was developed from engineered human albumin variants. Recombinant albumin is a naturally occurring protein that can be found in human blood. The tech promises the development of novel therapies with tailored delivery and improved drug performance, the company said.

“This collaboration is an excellent example of how our technology platform holds great potential for optimizing the therapeutic performance of pharmaceuticals across a broad range of targets and indications,” Phil Morton, Ph.D., Albumedix’s technology officer, said in a statement.


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Novartis has said it plans to explore the Veltis system for a number of therapies as well as targets, though specific disease targets weren’t disclosed.

GlaxoSmithKline launched a version of its diabetes drug Eperzan back in 2014 that used the Veltis technology that allows patients to dose weekly instead of daily. Albumedix was formed in 2016 when Danish enzyme maker Novozymes spun out its biopharmaceutical capabilities.