NHS-backed AI company Sensyne raises cash, pens Phesi pact

Sensyne Health has penned a “transformational deal” with U.S. clinical trial firm Phesi as it also raises a big chunk of cash.

The U.K.-based big data analytics and clinical AI company has raised £27.5 million ($37 million), to “industrialise and scale” its data platform. It also signed a collab with Phesi, adding around 13.5 million international patient records from 320,000 clinical trials.

The new capital will boost its ability “to market an enhanced offering to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry,” it said in a statement.

“Currently, responding to questions about available categories of Sensyne's data can take several weeks with clinical AI answers taking months to produce. Investments into industrialising this process are expected to dramatically reduce these timescales to seconds and weeks.”

In a nutshell, Sensyne plans to increase access to its data and build SENSIGHT, a research platform to analyze data more rapidly and cost-effectively.

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The firm, which is 10% owned by the taxpayer-funded National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K., has been busy over the years, getting off an IPO in 2018 and penning pacts with Big Pharma names including Bayer, Alexion, Bristol Myers Squibb and Roche.

Sensyne takes anonymized patient information—including genomic sequencing data and real-world evidence gathered from digital therapeutics and vital sign trackers—to help design clinical studies and fuel drug discovery research.