MyClin's new consultancy aims to streamline clinical research in creative ways

User data reporting. Image: Pixabay
MyClin launches Clinical Works, a creative consultancy for clinical research.

MyClin, a company developing transformative ways to support clinical trials, just launched Clinical Works, a subsidiary that designs highly engaging materials to streamline trials.

The new consultancy provides a set of services in clinical operations, communications and creative presentations, all with the aim to deliver more easily consumable materials to keep study teams and patients informed and engaged.

“Drug developers realize that pointing teams, sites or patients to complex, wordy and lengthy documentation—physical or virtual—is not enough to ensure they will be read and understood in a timely manner,” explained James Denmark, CEO & Founder at myClin, in a statement.

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“It’s more to do with process transformation, innovative trial conduct and 21st century compliance,” Adam Wood, Clinical Works’ head of business development told FierceCRO. In that sense, Clinical Works is actually trying to address the needs of sponsors, complementing where CROs sometimes fall short of.

One of the motivations behind this new initiative is an existing lack of due attention and support to clinical sites, Wood said. “Sites are absolutely critical to effective study conduct yet too often they get treated as widgets on a data production line,” he explained. “Part of what we do is old fashioned high touch, personal relationship development with sites.” That doesn’t mean foregoing 21st century technologies, which Clinical Works’ parent company and platform myClin helps provide.

For example, instead of distributing information via group emails with everyone in a study—which Clinical Works argues it’s almost impossible to ensure receipt (not just delivery) of message—the company uses an online platform that allows notification, tracking and follow-up of new posts by everyone in a study.

Another Clinical Works’ core service centers on study branding. “This is more than simply a memorable study name with a cool logo. This is styling and delivering all study communications in a clear and effective way—from the investigator brochure through to patient visit guides for sites,” Wood said. They turn complex workflow procedures, scientific messages and regulatory requirements into easily comprehended materials, using info graphics and data visualization, videos and animations, etc.

To help it do that, the myClin unit tapped a new VP of design—Johnny Bilotta, who has spent 20 years of his career designing products in the digital space, applying his expertise in “digital ergonomics” to software in healthcare, stock trading and communication.

With all those new approaches, Clinical Works expects to boost staff compliance through correct training and information, effective oversight and better clinical data presentations.

The parent company myClin is based in Philadelphia, with additional locations in San Francisco and the U.K.