MarkLogic launches hub to boost research, lower costs

machine learning in healthcare
Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are making deeper inroads in clinical trial use, and MarkLogic is joining the companies getting in on this trend. (monsitj/Getty Images)

In the never-ending quest to make clinical trials more affordable and ultimately lead to the results needed for an approval, data company MarkLogic has set up a new hub designed to do just that.

The San Carlos, California-based firm, which describes itself as “the next-generation data platform provider for simplifying data integration,” has created the MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub to help researchers quickly and easily find, manufacture and share high-quality data including genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical trial data, all within a single cloud service.

This cloud data hub “speeds up the drug discovery process” and is designed to “fuel the use of artificial intelligence,” the company says, all of which should lead to lower drug trial costs and accelerated research timelines.

“Researchers using legacy technology only access slivers of the data around them, increasing the likelihood of errors and costing valuable time that can equate to hundreds of millions of lost dollars and, more importantly, lost opportunities to change lives because drugs take so long to develop,” said Bill Fox, vice president of the vertical strategy group and chief strategy officer of healthcare and life sciences at MarkLogic.

“We offer researchers a cloud-based service to easily bring together massive amounts of data, in its original form, and understand the relationships between all that data, so they can use that data to discover life-changing drugs faster.”