Roivant offshoot Lokavant debuts study planning platform to aid CROs with trial site selection

Lokavant, a clinical trial intelligence company incubated by Roivant Sciences, has debuted a study planning platform to help sponsors and CROs determine the best sites and other goals for their clinical studies.

The company uses historical trial data from more than 2,000 studies involving over 14,000 investigators, 12,000 healthcare institutions and real-world data sources, according to an Aug. 29 release. The platform forecasts expected site performance related to a trial’s specific protocol that helps improve pretrial planning as well as making adjustments during the studies themselves.

“We are driving an important next step in the evolution of clinical research,” Andreas Matern, Lokavant’s executive vice president of product development, said in the release.

“With this new solution, our customers gain more precise insights about the potential performance of their clinical trials and sites before it’s too late and too expensive to course correct,” added Matern, who recently joined the company after serving as head of healthcare and life sciences technology partnerships at Amazon Web Services.

The new data-powered Study Planning solution is expected to be available later this year as either a standalone product or as an add-on to Lokavant’s Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform.

In December, Lokavant hauled in $21 million of series A funding in a round led by Edison Partners.