Leo Pharma inks partnerships with Veeva Systems in industry movement toward digital trials

Leo Pharma wants to reduce clinical trial costs and time by 25%. The medical dermatology company thinks it can do so by turning its clinical trials digital through a partnership with Veeva Systems. 

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The Danish biopharma will use the California tech company's digital clinical trial solutions to improve patient experience, enroll more diverse patients through decentralized studies and increase accuracy of clinical data, the companies said Wednesday. 

Now more than a century old, Leo has been attempting to transform its clinical trial work, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated that shift, said Jörg Möller, M.D., executive vice president and head of R&D at Leo, in a statement. The Veeva partnership is part of Leo's 2030 strategy, the executive added. 

It will be a hefty project for the two companies, as Leo claims to support 93 million patients across 130 countries. The biopharma also has a pipeline of investigational oral, topical and injectable treatments across atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and allergic asthma. 

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Leo and Veeva are hardly the only ones looking to scale digital trials in the life sciences sector. Multiple decentralized clinical trial software startups have raked in large rounds of financing including Medable, Science37, Castor, Reify Health and others. 

Roche is teaming up with Science 37 on oncology trials, and Eli Lilly is adding to the digital trials movement via a partnership with Reify's Care Access.