Koneksa links with SSI Strategy to advance digital biomarker services

Koneksa has linked with life sciences consultant SSI Strategy as part of the Novartis- and Merck-backed company’s strategy to expand digital biomarkers in clinical trials.

Although financial details of the deal weren’t disclosed, SSI is on board to help expand the medical division of Koneksa, particularly in translational and clinical trial drug development, the company said in a March 2 press release. Koneksa will also get access to SSI’s suite of Ph.D.s and physicians who have extensive experience in drug development.

“This expanded partnership is in response to the growing interest from life sciences companies to have an in-house digital biomarker solution, and SSI will enable us to rapidly scale our medical and scientific functions to meet this demand,” Vik Shah, Koneksa’s president and chief operating officer, said in the release. “SSI will also be able to provide clients with leading expertise in digital biomarkers from the Koneksa team, to accelerate clinical trials and bring new life-saving therapies to patients faster.”

Koneksa’s growth is part of an industrywide demand for remote data capture technologies and the push for more decentralized studies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that illuminated the need for remote studies and faster adoption of technologies.

In June 2022, Koneksa inked a partnership deal with Aural Analytics to add speech analysis to Koneksa’s data capture technologies in order to make it easier to add speech measures to the company’s studies and digital biomarker development programs.