InSilicoTrials, IBSA Group partner to expand AI use in drug development

InSilicoTrials, an Italian company that uses artificial intelligence and other tools for drug development and trials, is partnering with IBSA Group to expand the use of in silico medicine.

The National Institutes of Health describes in silico as a roughly defined term that means experimentation performed by computer “and is related to the more commonly known biological terms in vivo and in vitro.”

IBSA Group, which is develops reproductive medicine and hyaluronic-acid-based products, plans to leverage the technology to study biological systems from the molecular to the cellular level and even at the organism level, the two companies said in a May 25 press release.

Financial terms of the partnership weren’t disclosed.

IBSA will evaluate “the application of in silico medicine in specific therapeutic areas such as pain and inflammation, osteoarticular and reproductive medicine,” according to the release.

InSilicoTrials touts the technology as offering an innovative and cost-effective path to drug development, generating valuable evidence for internal decision-making and regulatory submissions and reducing the need for costly and time-consuming clinical trials.