Indian CRO Syngene sets up Amgen R&D center in Bangalore

Syngene International, one of Asia’s biggest CROs and part of Biocon, has commissioned a new drug discovery and development center for Amgen in its native town of Bangalore, India.

The Syngene Amgen Research and Development Center (SARC) is now the fourth R&D hub coming out of Syngene, adding to its centers for Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY), Abbott Nutrition ($ABT) and Baxter ($BAX).

Described as “state-of-the-art,” its latest offering will be made up of around 100 Syngene scientists who will work hand-in-hand with Amgen researchers in India and around the world to help find and develop new meds.

Jonathan Hunt, CEO at Syngene, said: "We are delighted to announce the establishment of our dedicated R&D center for Amgen. Bringing together into one place, the range of activities we conduct on behalf of Amgen indicates the strategic nature of our relationship and also reflects the ability of Syngene’s scientific teams to deliver world-class science towards our partners’ R&D programs in both biotechnology and small molecule medicines.”

This further cements long-running ties between the two that see them already working on a series of discovery and development projects.

“With the establishment of SARC, this association now extends into a multi-discipline collaboration spanning capabilities in medicinal and process chemistry, biologics, bioprocess, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, bioanalytical research, and pharmaceutical development,” the CRO said in a statement.