Icon to employ AG Mednet’s cloud-based adjudication software

The Dublin-based CRO said it works with partners, academic research organizations, experts and opinion leaders to support data monitoring committees and event adjudication using the system. (Icon)

Icon signed an agreement with AG Mednet to use its electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality. The financial terms were not disclosed.

The contract research organization has previously used Boston-based AG Mednet’s cloud-based software, named Judi, for adjudicating thousands of events in therapeutic areas covering oncology, obesity and diabetes, Icon said in a statement.

“Judi provides a purpose-built solution for endpoint adjudication that enables efficient database set-up, data extraction and manages workflow effectively,” said Craig McLendon, senior director of adjudication and data monitoring committees management for Icon.

The Dublin-based CRO said it works with partners and academic research organizations, including over 400 experts and opinion leaders, to support data monitoring committees and event adjudication.

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“Icon has been an ideal partner in ensuring that both the development and the implementation of Judi meet the technical and clinical needs of investigator sites, CRO reviewers, adjudicators and clinical event committees,” said AG Mednet President and CEO Abraham Gutman.

Recently, Icon reached a preliminary agreement to use Intel’s pharmaceutical analytics platform in its clinical trials, which monitors, collects and helps analyze data from study participants using sensors, wearables and other mobile technologies. A smartphone app helps manage medications and submit patient-reported outcomes.