Health Catalyst releases new research tool to connect researchers, match patients to trials

Health Catalyst thinks clinical trial recruitment could receive an upgrade, so it launched a new tool to connect researchers and patients. 

The data and analytics technology company unveiled a new research tool Friday that connects hospitals, medical centers, biopharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. The tool also helps these groups search for patients eligible for real-world studies and trials. 

“For decades, clinical research has been heavily biased towards a finite number of leading urban medical centers, which tap into the same patient populations for clinical trial recruitment time and time again,” said Sadiqa Mahmood, senior vice president of Health Catalyst's life sciences unit, in a statement. 

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The "vast majority" of people don't have the chance to participate in clinical trials, which leads to failure to enroll on time, Mahmood said. The company's new tool aims to bridge that gap.

Health systems will be able to create industry and research partnerships and convert their clinical databases, including electronic health records, using the new tool, the company said. 

Biopharmas and CROs will be able to integrate their research and clinical trials with other groups in the healthcare system. 

The tool comes as more and more CROs and biopharmas conduct decentralized trials.