Greenphire rolls out financial tracking tools for trial sites, sponsors and CROs

Greenphire, a clinical trial financial process automation company, rolled out a new digital platform and upgraded international payment tools aimed to aid sponsors, trial sites and CROs.

Called Greenspace, the patient-facing digital platform provides access to trial-related information and activities, including financial and travel itinerary details, surveys and insights,the company said in an April 25 press release.

Greenphire works with pharmas and CROs, allowing them to use its financial life cycle management software for clinical trials.

“Persistent financial and logistical burdens remain a key impediment to patient involvement in clinical trials,” Jim Murphy, Greenphire’s chief executive, said in the release. “Our core objective … is to break down those barriers—to understand the challenges faced by sponsors and CROs, sites and participants, and continuously deliver scalable technology solutions that broaden access, drive convenience, and introduce efficiency and transparency worldwide.”

Additionally, the company expanded global payment offerings through its ClinCard to serve banked and unbanked study populations. The new options include reloadable debit cards, virtual cards, digital wallets, email to money and bank transfers that carry no fees for patients and are low cost to customers.

Greenphire recently expanded its trial patient ride-share program with Merck & Co. That program uses the ClinCard to ensure patients are reimbursed for their travel quickly. Greenphire partnered with Lyft in 2018 to book and reimburse rides for study participants.