Elligo, Saama join forces to develop new clinical trial data management platform

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Elligo Health Research and Saama Technologies form strategic alliance to develop new platform for clinical research data management. (iStockPhoto)

Elligo Health Research and Saama Technologies each have their own clinical trial support software, and now the two companies have decided to put their expertise together on a new platform that aims to improve clinical research data management.

By combining forces, the partnership wants to help trial sponsors assemble vast amounts of data from disparate sources and to transform the way submission data is produced by using dashboards, analytics and reporting.

The new platform, owned by Elligo, will incorporate Elligo’s Goes Direct model and will be powered by Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud.

Through the Goes Direct model, Elligo works by bringing clinical research to the clinic. It uses electronic health records to identify potential trial participants and then provides their physicians with the infrastructure to conduct business in their own offices. This allows patients to participate in research while still being treated by their own physician.

Saama’s life science solution is based on a data analytics platform. It includes Trial Planning Optimizer, which uses real-world data to identify eligible patient and investigator, evaluate the success rate of patient enrollment and site selection and identify protocol design problems that may affect recruitment. It also has a cohort generation solution that uses real-world patient information to identify target population groups that could fit inclusion-exclusion criteria.

“Saama’s groundbreaking analytics can deliver aggregated operational and clinical data to provide a multidimensional and real-time view of even multi-site trials,” said Suresh Katta, founder and CEO of Saama.

“Not only will [the platform] improve the collection of standards-based patient source data directly from research sites, but it will streamline Elligo’s study coordinators’ daily tasks,” said Elligo CEO John Potthoff, Ph.D.

Elligo plans to pilot the new platform in a study in 2018 and use it for all new studies in 2019.