Covance links up COVID-19 trial tool to help research get back underway

LabCorp’s CRO unit Covance has updated its Xcellerate platform to seek out as well as help restore and continue ongoing trials hit by the pandemic.

The so-called Xcellerate COVID-19 solution is a “comprehensive approach to reinitiate ongoing research and start up new studies, with a focus on patient safety and study delivery,” Covance said in a statement.

Designed in conjunction with Covance’s COVID-19 Operational Recovery Team, the Xcellerate COVID-19 solution offers integrated data collection, actionable views of critical study data, COVID-19 targeted risk management and recovery assessment.

In essence, it allows Covance’s teams to oversee trials using near real-time data and analytics and to try to keep things on track if and when studies are hit by pandemic fallout, for example if a highnumber of patients drop out. It is essentially trying to put out fires before they begin by using tweaked new tools to help find a way through the unique problems posed by the pandemic.

“In the same way the global scientific and research community has mobilized to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, we must apply the same innovation and rigor to resuming ongoing research,” said Jonathan Shough, chief information officer of LabCorp’s drug development business.

“The Xcellerate COVID-19 solution enables study teams and sponsors to respond to changing facts on the ground with near-real-time, data-driven analytics and consumer-grade visualizations. Our data-driven, real-world approach provides a platform for the safe and rapid restoration of essential research. Patients deserve nothing less.”