Contract Research Organization, WCCT Global, Announces Specialized Japanese Recruitment Methods for Global Ethnobridging Clinical Studies

WCCT Global, a contract research organization (CRO) supporting Phase I - IV bio-pharmaceutical and device development, today announced the success of their specialized recruitment methods for ethnobridging studies. WCCT Global has been an industry leader for Asian bridging studies for over ten years. Their geographic location in Southern California has played a major role in enabling them to recruit qualified participants for Asian Bridging Studies. Their volunteer data base includes potential volunteers of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Asian Indian, Korean and Philippine decent and has grown to be quite extensive and very valuable asset. WCCT Global was recently chosen to recruit and conduct a very difficult Japanese special population study with very stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria. By utilizing their database in combination with their proprietary, multi-media tools were able to successfully enroll and execute the study ahead of schedule for the sponsor. WCCT Global has carried out over 60 ethnobridging clinical trials and recruited over 1200 Asian volunteers since 1993. The recruitment methods that WCCT Global has developed have become such a robust tool for special population studies that sponsors around the world reach out to WCCT Global to help recruit and execute a diverse panel of clinical studies.

Mel Affrime, WCCT Global's Senior Vice President, Research & Development, ; has released a 5 part video series on "The Role of Ethnic Bridging in Enhancing Asset Value and Accelerating Global Drug Development". Dr. Affrime states, 'we wanted to share some of the knowledge we have gained in this field over the years in order to help sponsors accelerate patient access to new medical treatments, globally". This video series is to inform sponsors on the importance of developing drugs for the global market.

More about WCCT Global:

WCCT Global is a multi-site, full service global contract research organization (CRO) of outsourced early drug development and late phase services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The WCCT Global vision, "With compassion for people, we strive for tomorrow's therapies to be available today" truly exemplifies the focus and reason for our cutting edge work both in our clinics and throughout our operations. As a drug development partner, WCCT Global collaborates with domestic and foreign innovator companies who need regulatory, program management, data management and strategic consulting support, with an emphasis on overseeing and executing trials in special disease populations, pediatric populations, ethno-bridging, and cardiac safety. WCCT has extensive experience with healthy volunteer studies including First-in-Human (FIH), as well as specific therapeutic expertise in Allergy, Asthma, HCV, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Renal, and Vaccines.