Clinical trial matchmaker myTomorrows launches AI-backed recruiting tool

MyTomorrows, a matchmaker for patients and clinical trials, has launched a beta version of its AI-supported tool to aid physicians in finding expanded access programs for treatments.

The TrialSearch AI platform simplifies the search process by identifying opportunities for suitable preapproval treatments based on a patient’s profile, the company said in an April 25 press release.

By using large language model (LLM) AI that can generate natural language texts from large amounts of data, myTomorrows’ platform can conduct global searches for possible treatment options that give physicians a breakdown of preapproval options available for eligible patients. The tool will then filter exclusion criteria based on physician input of information describing a patient’s condition and profile.

“Our team of researchers and developers designed TrialSearch AI to bring greater speed, transparency, and accuracy to the complex, time-consuming task of manually searching for clinical trials,” Michel van Harten, myTomorrow chief executive, said in the release. “As a physician who cared for patients diagnosed with cancer, I know first-hand the importance of providing actionable information that can help physicians, patients, and caregivers discover and access potentially life-saving treatments.”

LLM AI technology can reduce prescreening time by up to 90%, according to research cited by myTomorrows.

Like many industries, the use of AI and other digital technology for crunching vast amounts of data into usable information has been quickly embraced by the drug development and clinical trial sectors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.