Clinerion and Citeline team to streamline and improve decisionmaking for trials

Swiss clinical trial recruitment specialist Clinerion is partnering with Citeline as part of an effort to give clinical researchers a more comprehensive approach to making evidence-based decisions.

The agreement will provide clinical teams with more data on trial patients and investigator data in order to get a better view of where to place a study, the companies said in a statement (pdf). The goal is to reach a more effective evidence-based approach to study feasibility that will help researchers to understand which sites have patients that best match their criteria as well as identify experienced investigators to run a study.

“Combining the offerings of Citeline and Clinerion offer better actionable data intelligence than the sum of their individual parts, creating a fully comprehensive overview pin-pointing where the protocol matching patients are with site and trial performance data,” Ian Rentsch, Clinerion’s chief executive, said in a statement. “Clinerion’s patient data analytics brings a wealth of real-world data from our global hospital network into play alongside Citeline’s insights into site performance, investigator expertise and trial status.”

Clinical researchers will be able to see which experienced clinical investigators have conducted studies at a location as well as the number of patients treated at a location that match a specific patient population. The data will also show the number of trials the healthcare organization has performed that matches each researcher’s protocol.

Clinerion, which has been in expansion mode to grow its global presence, recently moved into larger digs at its Basel, Switzerland, headquarters.