Clario calls on AliveCor ECG tech to enhance decentralized trials

Healthcare technology provider Clario expanded its collaboration with AliveCor to use the electrocardiogram company's app to improve data collection in decentralized and hybrid clinical trials.

Under the partnership, AliveCor’s KardiaRx app will be provided on Clario's own clinical trial platform. KardiaRx collects medical-grade six-lead ECG data from clinical trial participants in their own homes, Clario explained in an Aug. 15 release.

The app works in conjunction with AliveCor’s FDA-cleared KardiaMobile 6L, a wireless device designed to provide trial patients with a secure and simple-to-use connection that transmits their ECG data to trial administrators without the need for on-site visits.

“This not only enables high-quality data collection but also offers a more diverse pool for recruitment and reduced site visits, and ultimately leads to more successful trials,” Ellen Street, Clario’s executive vice president of cardiac safety and respiratory, said in the release.

Clario has been busy reassessing its clinical trial solutions business since Chris Fikry, M.D., was named CEO in July 2022. The company has been focused on decentralized and hybrid studies in an effort to increase patient diversity in clinical trials.

Earlier this month, Clario sold its eClinical technology to Miami-based CRO Sitero for an undisclosed price. In March, Clario debuted its cloud-based tool that allows sponsors and CROs to view medical images of their clinical trials.