Chiltern Announces New Legal Entity In Taiwan

Chiltern Announces New Legal Entity In Taiwan

LONDON, April 23, 2012 -- Chiltern International Limited (Chiltern), a global contract research organization (CRO), announced that the company has established a new legal entity in Taiwan.

Dr. Umakanta Sahoo, Chiltern Executive Director, Asia Pacific and Managing Director, India, commented, "Chiltern has already established a strong presence in this region with its offices in India, Singapore and Australia and hence forming a legal entity in other important countries in the region is a natural progression to enhance our global reach." Dr. Sahoo, who will be leading the effort in Taiwan, continued, "With the regional collaboration between Asian countries for mutual acceptance of Asian data, Japan, USA and European clients have shown increased interest in Taiwan to perform global clinical trials due to supportive regulatory environment, excellent hospital infrastructure and healthcare system."

Aize Smink, Chiltern Sr. Executive VP, Global Clinical Development, stated, "We are very pleased to be able to start offering clinical research services in Taiwan as part of our global clinical development capabilities. Taiwan has an excellent medical infrastructure, high quality investigators and research staff to serve our global client base."

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Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global clinical CRO with extensive experience in the management of Phase I-IV clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas, functional service provision and contract staffing solutions. Chiltern has conducted trials in more than 40 countries, employs nearly 1,300 people globally and offers services in Early Phase, Global Clinical Development, Late Phase, Biometrics, Medical and Regulatory Affairs and Resourcing Solutions. Chiltern prides itself as a development partner that offers flexibility, responsiveness and quality delivery. Further information is available at: .

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