Charles River updates its research database with addition of new tumor models

Charles River Labs has updated its Tumor Model Compendium database with the addition of new tumor models for early-stage oncology research.

The latest updates include gastric and liver models, and new molecular data for leukemia, liver cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The compendium allows oncology researchers to access data that can identify the most appropriate tumor models. This hope is it will lead to more targeted study design from the beginning that could save time and money before clinical trials begin.

Charles River’s compendium includes models from a wide range tumor subtypes for both in vivo and in vitro oncology research. 

“The power of our oncology portfolio is stronger than ever,” Birgit Girshick, the company’s EVP for discovery and safety assessment, said in a statement. “Our scientists have worked diligently to accelerate cancer research and anticancer drug development efforts so patients can get the treatments they desperately need.”

Late last month, the CRO announced a partnership deal with Distributed Bio that gives Charles River’s client access to antibody libraries and integrated antibody optimization technologies. Under that agreement, the two will work to develop an end-to-end platform for therapeutic antibody discovery and development.