Charles River Labs pens digital pathology pact with Deciphex

Charles River
(Charles River)

CRO Charles River Laboratories has signed up to use a preclinical digital pathology “software-as-a-service” platform from Deciphex.

The deal, financials of which were not shared, sees Charles River Labs share with its clients Deciphex’s Patholytix Preclinical, its tech for developing a speedy workflow that allows pathologists to generate primary diagnostic or peer-review results from their computer workstation “faster than would be possible either with traditional microscopy processes or with stand-alone digital pathology software,” according to the firm.

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Under the pact, the pair will also work together on deep-learning-enabled tools to support quicker pathology analytics. “By combining Deciphex’s unique digital pathology solutions with Charles River’s streamlined integrated drug discovery and development portfolio, Charles River clients will have access to an increasingly efficient, best-in-class platform,” the companies said in a joint statement.

“Our pathologists are the best in the industry—and in 2019, they examined over 4 million pathology slides. By providing them with the Deciphex solutions, we are giving them access to innovative tools that will provide valuable insights to clients earlier in the analysis phase,” said Birgit Girshick, corporate executive vice president at Charles River.