BioPharma Services Inc. Announces the Grand Opening of Its Clinical Operations in the US

TORONTO--BioPharma Services Inc. (BPSI), a full service clinical research organization (CRO), announces the grand opening of its new 48-bed Phase 1 Clinical Facility in Columbia, Missouri which is easily expandable to 140 beds.

"Our new Phase 1 Clinical Research Facility is designed to attract best in class research for innovative and fast pharmaceutical product development. This expansion allows BPSI's continued growth within our strategic vision and will result in increased opportunities for our clients," said Renzo DiCarlo, CEO of BioPharma Services Inc.

The grand opening, involving Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid, and leading pharmaceutical company delegates, validates BPSI's commitment to strategic growth and meeting client needs. The new Phase 1 facility complements BPSI's established US FDA and UK MHRA inspected Phase 1 Clinical and Bio Analytical facility in Toronto, Canada.

The Columbia site has successfully completed several clinical trials for BPSI clients and is already projecting increased utilization and demand in the near term. "We are excited about our growth opportunities in Columbia, Missouri and have already begun our expansion plans to expedite our 140 bed capacity," added Mr. DiCarlo.

"This new facility will help us meet our expanding client base's needs for increased access to BPSI services and allow BPSI to expand into unmet areas of expertise," said Ilan T. Rose, Vice President, Business Development. "BPSI has increased its bed capacity and geographic presence and has prepared this facility for future expansion due to continued increase in demand for our services."

About BioPharma Services Inc.:
BioPharma Services Inc. is a physician-owned, physician-run, US FDA-inspected, UK MHRA-inspected, and Health Canada-inspected International Contract Research Organization (CRO) which specializes in the conduct of Phase I/IIa clinical trials, including FIM trials, BE studies and Bioanalysis, for international pharmaceutical and biotech companies from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. The company currently has a modern 174-bed clinical facility based in Toronto, Canada, and a new 48-bed clinical facility in Columbia, Missouri. It is privately held, and it is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Ilan T. Rose, V.P. Business Development, at [email protected] or 1-416-747-8484. For press release and other company information, visit BioPharma Services Inc.'s web site at



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