Biofourmis reels in 4 Big Pharma partnerships for cancer clinical trials

Biofourmis has reeled in partnerships with four undisclosed Big Pharmas centered on developing digital biomarkers and safety monitoring algorithms in cancer trials.

The pharmas were drawn to the Boston-based company’s digital biomarkers development and endpoint expertise, Biofourmis Chief Operating Officer Jaydev Thakkar said in a Feb. 13 release.    

The new oncology agreements have a specific focus on cytokine release syndrome detection and build off Biofourmis' therapeutic portfolio spanning cardiovascular, women's health, pain and immunology.   

The pharmas join Biofourmis after the company revamped its digital clinical trials solution last year, a move designed to cut down study timelines and expand the platform’s features. The company's AI-driven solution collects and analyzes patient data in real time to identify changes that require proactive interventions. The organization also provides a remote clinical care team to give researchers more flexibility when running decentralized or hybrid clinical trials.