Bioclinica buys up Silicon Valley imaging business in offering boost

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This comes as Bioclinica has recently moved its HQ in New Jersey and its buyout from Cinven.

The biopharma services company Bioclinica already supports clinical research and offers medical imaging and eHealth, but it is now looking to broaden its reach with the purchase of MDDX Research & Informatics. 

The buy-out—financial details of which were not made public—added “the industry’s most advanced cloud research image management and submission technologies” to the company’s suite of eHealth solutions, according to a release.

Bioclinica gets for its money MDDX’s best-in-class, cloud-based image submission tech, which will “become the backbone of Bioclinica’s SMART solution,” it said. SMART, which stands for Submit, Manage, Analyze, Report and Transfer, is the company’s centralized medical imaging services.

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The plan is to combine the two and create an image submission process that is “easier, faster, and cleaner for clinical research sites anywhere around the globe.”

“Combining the MDDX technology suite with Bioclinica, including advanced cloud research image management and services, is a perfect match, especially for sponsors who want the assurance that the critical medical imaging component of a clinical trial is managed efficiently, accurately, and reliably, regardless of where the trial is held in the world,” Bioclinica’s president and CEO John Hubbard, Ph.D, said.

“Making the sophisticated and proven MDDX technology the backbone of our medical image submission solution means that Bioclinica customers can now rely on a unique combination of the industry’s most experienced medical imaging professionals and the most advanced imaging technologies.”

This comes a month after Bioclinica officially opened its new digs, just a few miles down the road from its old facility, in New Jersey as part of a multimillion dollar capital project investment, boosted by the Grow New Jersey program.

Last August, the London-headquartered investment firm Cinven bought out the company in a deal potentially worth $1 billion-plus.