Avance Clinical adopts Ryght AI tech to streamline clinical trial processes

U.S.- and Australia-based CRO Avance Clinical has inked a deal with Ryght to use the generative artificial intelligence provider’s tech for clinical trial processes, the companies announced Feb. 21 in a joint press release

“Through the application of AI, we aim to further support our biotech clients to develop transformative therapeutics in areas of unmet need,” Avance CEO Yvonne Lungershausen said in the release. 

The agreement gives Avance access to Ryght’s large language models, which are designed to deliver clinical research insights after processing vast amounts of data, according to Ryght. Avance will use Ryght’s models to streamline routine tasks like documentation and “accelerate the productivity of its employees and research networks,” Ryght CEO Simon Arkell said in the release. 

Ryght, headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, bills itself as “GenAI with a PhD in Life Sciences.” Among its platform’s capabilities are content generation for trial protocol documents, biomedical research summaries and automated reports. The company also claims that its tool is better for the life sciences than OpenAI’s ChatGPT because it’s less prone to “hallucinations”—a phenomenon where a large language model essentially makes things up due to perceiving patterns that aren’t really there—and because it has been trained on recent industry data.