AmerisourceBergen, TrakCel debut platform to speed access to cell therapies

AmerisourceBergen and partner TrakCel rolled out a new platform designed to speed access to prescribed cell and gene therapies to patients.

The platform is designed to provide visibility throughout a patient’s cell and gene therapy by combining TrakCel’s advanced therapy orchestration platform, Ocellos, and AmerisourceBergen’s Fusion system, which is a customer relationship management and support platform offered by the company’s Lash Group.

As providers create a patient account and record enrollment information the data is then securely delivered to the patient hub and Fusion's technology determines eligibility through benefits verification. The information is then returned to a patient's care team in real-time, allowing for the next steps to be taken much quicker in treatment process, which is  particularly critical for patients in need of cell and gene therapies.

“Ensuring that medicines are delivered efficiently and safely to patients is of utmost priority and progressing treatment pathways smoothly and quickly is critical both to successful treatment and to a good patient experience,” Ravi Nalliah, TrakCel’s chief product and strategy officer, said in a statement. “These goals can only be achieved if data is shared securely, accurately and in real-time.”

The platform is the most recent collaboration between AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel.