Acurian Unveils Data That Show Patient Engagement Services Reduced Dropout in Gout Clinical Trial

HORSHAM, Pa.--Acurian, Inc., a leading, full-service provider of global patient enrollment and retention solutions, announced today that recent clinical trial data demonstrate its proprietary patient engagement solutions had a substantial positive impact on patient participation and trial cost.

According to Roger Smith, Acurian's senior vice president of global clinical operations, the data were derived from the interactive voice response system (IVRS) of a large, gout outcomes study spanning five years and up to 19 visits.

"Our statisticians looked at the contingent of patients who did and did not participate in our optional patient engagement and retention program," Smith explained. "Acurian patients stayed in the study more than twice as long as non-participants. Moreover, the dropout rate for non-participants after two years in the study was nearly 10 percent. In the same time period, patients in Acurian's program dropped out at less than 2 percent."

Smith further indicated that Acurian's services helped the sponsor save an estimated $5 million in patient costs that would have been lost if the Acurian contingent had dropped out at the higher rates. More importantly, the study team preserved a larger patient pool from which to collect critical endpoint data.

"Sponsors have been looking for hard evidence to show that patient engagement services have a positive impact on clinical trial retention and participation rates," Smith said. "These data represent more than 7,000 patients and clearly demonstrate the efficacy of Acurian's services beyond patient recruitment and enrollment."

The company indicated that more than 5,000 patients are currently participating in Acurian patient engagement programs in 55 countries.

Further detail surrounding these data will be part of a webinar on September 12 hosted by Richard Malcolm, Ph.D., Acurian's executive vice president and general manager. Information and complimentary registration are available at:

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