Accelovance completes THERAMetrics integration, boosts early cancer offering

Cancer and vax niche CRO Accelovance has after 5 months merged THERAMetrics’ three CRO subsidiaries and a Phase I unit in Germany, Italy and Romania into its company.

The money side of things has still not been made public, but the company said its investment “further enhances its early phase oncology services,” as well as its European footprint.

The Rockville, MD-based CRO the merging of THERAMetrics’ European staff will allow it a “step‐wise approach” in trials with joint U.S. and EU involvement.

“These integrated services support our existing strategic approaches to better serve early phase oncology clients through our scientific and regulatory expertise, our strategic site and network relationships, and the therapeutic expertise of our team members,” Accelovance explained.

Steve Trevisan, Accelovance CEO, added: “Early phase oncology support and focus remains underserved by most CROs, and sponsors are actively looking for CRO partners like Accelovance that offer tangible differentiators and, most importantly, are able to exceptionally execute these trials in the most expeditious, cost sensitive way while ensuring patient safety.

“We will continue to invest in oncology-dedicated staff, expand our strategic site and network relationships, and continuously assess our technology and processes to ensure we effectively execute and provide value to our sponsors.”

The acquisition adds to Accelovance's European and service expansion efforts over the last two years with its buys of providers Altair Clinical, from the U.K., and Amsterdam’s Clinquest.

The CRO, long specializing in oncology and vaccine development, expanded into general medicine in 2013 with its acquisition of Radiant Development, the CRO arm of Radiant Research. That deal gave Accelovance new capabilities in cardiovascular, dermatology, nutrition and urology, plus outposts in Illinois and Florida.

THERAMetrics, a global technology-based contract research and development organization, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol "TMX" and is headquartered in Stans, Switzerland.