In a first, Agilent pairs with Science Exchange to promote drug research services

Science Exchange is building an outsourced drug R&D service shopping portal on Agilent Technologies’ website. (Image: Pixabay)

Through a novel partnership, Science Exchange is helping Agilent Technologies build a drug R&D service shopping portal on Agilent’s website.

The two companies tout the collaboration as the first time a research manufacturer has enabled on its website direct ordering of services provided by those using its products.

Many drug R&D supporters use research equipment, reagents and software made by Agilent to power their outsourced lab testing or research services. The new portal acts as a platform that connects drug developers with those service providers, who are technically speaking Agilent’s customers.

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“We continuously seek to improve our customer experience and streamline access to Agilent solutions,” said Carolina Livi, Ph.D., academic segment manager for Agilent. “This partnership with Science Exchange will provide the fastest path for [drug researchers] to service providers utilizing Agilent products globally and ultimately accelerate their research efforts.”

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Science Exchange helps vet each candidate with its ISO 9001-certified quality management system, which the company has been using to screen service providers for its own outsourcing marketplace. These qualified Agilent customers also sit among currently over 2,500 providers who have their storefronts on Science Exchange, Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., Science Exchange’s co-founder and CEO told FierceCRO.

“Efficient access to providers with unique technology is increasingly at the core of R&D strategy across our industry, particularly as returns on R&D investments have come into question in recent years,” said Iorns. “We are excited to partner with Agilent to extend the Science Exchange enterprise platform and to provide immediate access to hundreds of qualified providers offering Agilent-enabled services.”

To be listed on the portal, a functional lab must provide services using Agilent products and sign up as a Science Exchange service provider. A few service providers have already been included, and the two partners plan to collaborate to analyze order trends of both service providers and Agilent products.