Zohar: PureTech focuses on quality of technology, not quantity

While many biotech entrepreneurs are mingling at the JP Morgan Health Care Conference, Xconomy's Ryan McBride published his interview with PureTech Ventures' Daphne Zohar (photo), who last year was one of FierceBiotech's top 10 women in the industry.

Unlike traditional venture capital firms, Zohar describes her company as a "venture creation company" that makes investments, and puts a focus on the quality of their startups over the quantity of money invested. But the quantity of viable startups and investments is impressive as well; PureTech plans to start two to four companies per year, and already has six in the pipeline. And that out of some 800 technologies Zohar says the company looks at each year.

"[The difference between PureTech and other firms is] sort of like the difference between an independent film studio and a big Hollywood studio," the former Follica CEO told McBride. "We are able to identify great 'scripts' (or technology that is at the forefront of innovation) and are therefore able to attract the leading 'stars' (or academic founders and teams)."

- here's the Xconomy report