YM gets boost after posting promising anemia data on myelofibrosis drug

Shares of YM Biosciences ($YMI) got a bump this morning after several analysts gave the developer a pat on the back for the updated midstage results released for its myelofibrosis drug CYT387, a JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor.

TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein started the round of applause this morning, noting that the developer's drug maintained a positive anemia response, with about half of the 68 myelofibrosis patients in the study who were transfusion dependent at the launch of the study becoming transfusion independent for at least 12 weeks during treatment. And of the 26 transfusion-dependent patients getting the 300 mg dose, 62% were transfusion independent for 12 weeks. Both groups maintained hemoglobin levels at or above 8 g/dl.

"These '387 anemia response data are stronger and more credible than what was presented last spring because Monday's results are culled from many more patients enrolled at multiple clinical trial sites," notes Feuerstein. And producing the positive anemia response after significant doubts had been raised will help favorably position the drug against rivals on the market."We expect these results to accelerate partnership discussions, and are increasingly optimistic about the potential of CYT387 in other hematologic indications," wrote analyst Avik Roy.

"In this multicenter study, CYT387 continues to demonstrate a unique ability to render and maintain myelofibrosis patients transfusion independent for clinically-relevant periods, while also producing significant and durable improvements in their splenomegaly and constitutional symptoms," said Dr. Nick Glover, the CEO of YM BioSciences. "In addition, MRI results obtained from a subset of subjects confirm the meaningful improvements in splenomegaly as measured by palpation. Moreover, CYT387 was well tolerated, with dosing up to and exceeding two years."

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