Y-Prime Introduces Prime eMVR ™ and Prime IxR ™ Systems

Y-Prime Introduces Prime eMVR ™ and Prime IxR ™ Systems

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwire - Mar 8, 2012) - Y-Prime Technologies LLC, a premier eClinical products and consulting company, is introducing two new software solutions, Prime eMVR™ and Prime IxR ™, that will optimize management and enhance performance of global clinical trials.

"For years, our consulting business has thrived providing high level integration and customization expertise leveraging our experience in both biopharmaceutical research and information technology," explains Y-Prime CEO Shawn Blackburn. "Today, we are introducing the first two eClinical products that leverage these unparalleled capabilities providing smooth integration with existing systems, highly reliable data interchange and far-more efficient reporting tools that can save any biopharmaceutical company millions of dollars."

Y-Prime is launching these two standalone IxR and eMVR products which provide high level capabilities for mid-tier sponsors and CROs as well as larger sponsors who want to enhance or replace their current systems. Both Prime IxR and Prime eMVR are designed to work out-of-the-box and seamlessly share data with existing CTMS systems as well as other eClinical applications.

Prime eMVR™ -- The way YOU want an eMVR system to be

Prime eMVR™ is a complete, flexible and intuitive Monitoring Visit Report Solution that gives users unparalleled levels of control over management of the MVR responsibilities, on all types of clinical site visits, throughout a trial.

"Managing monitoring reports consumes a significant amount of a CRA's time, so we've designed a system that is easier to use, reducing the time it takes to generate reports and lets CRAs or reviewers see only the data they need when they need it," explains Dave Espenshade, VP of Marketing and Sales for Y-Prime.

Both CRAs and reviewers can personalize their user experience using easily configurable screens to sort, find and generate reports. Users will appreciate the ability to review and track comments displayed alongside each report entry, which reduces review cycle times. CRAs in particular will appreciate an internal spellcheck system that can accept custom sponsor dictionaries. And when resources change, administrators will be able to make immediate changes to the review process with an easy to use workflow manager.

A major pharma company, one of the early adopters of Prime eMVR, estimates it is saving close to $1 million annually using the system by reducing the time it takes each CRA to create a Monitoring Visit Report.

"We expect that for a mid-to-large biopharmaceutical or a CRO, using Y-Prime eMVR as a standalone system or with the CTMS, they could save millions annually, which justifies a much needed upgrade of their legacy systems," Espenshade says.

Prime IxR ™ -- Redefining Efficiency
Prime IxR is a scalable IVRS system that combines randomization and drug supply management with industry leading reports, offering visually rich reporting options that can be used across multiple trials without additional charges.

"We've solved a number of existing problems related to unreliable data transfer, integration issues and the ability to provide IxR system updates without impacting functionality," explains Espenshade. "Our customers are also excited about the real-time, graphic rich reporting capabilities and that we've eliminated the 'nickel and dime' model of charging for reports. Regardless of whether the sponsor is a top ten pharmaceutical, a mid-tier biopharmaceutical company, or a CRO, Prime IxR offers a lot of compelling advantages in a completely scalable solution."

All Y-Prime products are backed by 24/7 U.S. based support, project management and development capabilities.

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