XYTOS Announces the Appointment of Farouk Dakhil, PhD as the Company's New Chief Scientific Officer

XYTOS Announces the Appointment of Farouk Dakhil, PhD as the Company's New Chief Scientific Officer

CARSON CITY, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun 22, 2010 - XYTOS (the "Company") (OTC: XYTS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Farouk Dakhil, PhD as the Company's New Chief Scientific Officer and the Head of the XYTOS Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Dakhil is a Graduate of the University of London with Bachelor Degrees in Physics & Mathematics. He also holds Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees in Physics and Psychology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr. Dakhil is the author of several books and he has a number of Published Scientific Articles in Physics and Psychology as well as other areas. He is a member of several Professional Societies including the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. He has numerous awards and he is a consultant to Major Corporations Worldwide which include Montedison, Ansaldo, Electronica, Agip Petrolo to name a few.

Dr. Dakhil holds several U.S. Patents and has two patents pending on Stem Cells Regeneration and Repair. These pending patents will be added to the XYTOS intellectual properties (to be announced). Dr. Dakhil brings to XYTOS an extensive background in Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Research; and he and his medical colleagues' current research concentration is in Stem Cell Implantation for Organ Regeneration.

Tim Cook, Chairman and CEO of XYTOS, Inc., commented, "The announcement of Dr. Dakhil as the Chief Scientific Officer for the company is much more than we could have ever imagined. Dr. Dakhil brings to XYTOS invaluable access to the European Medical Community. His knowledge and personal contacts in Europe allows XYTOS to accelerate the process of conducting clinical trails on our Advanced Medical Procedures and will shorten the time of bringing our Advanced Medical Technologies (to be announced) to Market. This appointment ties the future of XYTOS in the U.S. to our Global Business Model in Europe. We at XYTOS have been silent for a long time as we worked to put the proper people in place to lead the company into the future. This hard work will become apparent as we continue to announce the future direction of the company."

Dr. Dakhil PhD., commented, "I am very selective on companies that I become involved with; I have been familiar with XYTOS for sometime and now I feel that not only can I assist XYTOS in expediting the introduction of the company's Advanced Medical Procedures, I also have plans to use XYTOS as a vehicle to introduce additional Bio-Medical Technologies from colleagues that will take Seats on the XYTOS Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards."

XYTOS, working at the forefront of the "Science of Medicine," is a Bio-Medical Technology Company concentrating on the research, development, and introduction of Next Generation Medicine and Medical Procedures in the areas of Stem Cell Therapies, Tissue Engineering, Cellular Medicine, and Cancer.



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