XenoPort touts IIb data for new RLS therapy

XenoPort of Santa Barbara, California, is touting results of a Phase IIb clinical trial of its lead product, XP13512, which produced statistically significant clinical benefits for patients with restless leg syndrome. In the small trial of 95 patients, 81 percent taking 1200 MGs of the drug reported that they were very or much improved compared to 48 percent of patients taking a placebo.

"We believe that these Phase 2b results confirm the robust efficacy, clinical relevance and safety profile of XP13512 as a potential treatment for RLS," said Ronald W. Barrett, PhD, CEO for XenoPort. "Importantly, XP13512 dosed once per day at a lower dose than our previous Phase 2a clinical trial led to similar significant improvements in RLS symptoms and sleep performance, as well as favorable patient and investigator reported overall outcomes. The information from this trial will be used to determine the dosing and patient requirements for our Phase 3 program for XP13512 in RLS patients, which we expect to initiate in the first half of 2006."

- read this press release for more info

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