Wyeth drops Karo Bio atherosclerosis drug

Karo Bio and research partner Wyeth Pharmaceuticals have abandon development of LXR-623, a Phase I compound for atherosclerosis. According to a release, LXR-623 demonstrated efficacy on biomarkers for atherosclerosis but had an unfavorable profile for further development. However, the companies say they will continue their partnership on Liver X Receptor (LXR), with the aim to develop new treatments for atherosclerosis.

"Unfortunately, compounds do fail in the process but this is part of the development of pharmaceuticals. We remain optimistic about LXR as a target for treatment of atherosclerosis and for the prospects for new molecules for development. The learnings generated from the LXR-623 program will be valuable as additional potential compounds move forward," noted Per Olof Wallström, President of Karo Bio.

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