Why the long wait for a final Genzyme deal?

For the past several days now the biotech world has been on high alert for a formal notice that Sanofi-Aventis has struck a much-discussed deal to buy Genzyme. But so far, nothing concrete has been unveiled. Readers and reporters have had to satisfy themselves with insider assertions that the numbers have been substantially hashed out. And when Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher had to push in front of the crowd to focus on Sanofi's numbers--replete with the harsh effects of growing generic competition--he purposefully declined to say anything new about a prospective deal. So why would Sanofi allow an opportunity to distract investors from declining earnings with a blockbuster buyout announcement slip through its hands like that? Could it be because of an 11th hour hitch, asks the Wall Street Journal's Mimosa Spencer. For now, rumors and speculation are all we have to consume. Story