Who'll bid $68K for your very own DNA map?

If you're in the market to have your whole genome sequenced--and join a very exclusive group--keep your eyes on eBay.

Knome and the X Prize Foundation are auctioning off a full sequencing, which delivers a complete map of the DNA in your body. With that map come insights into your health, your future and why you are the kind of person you are. And beginning on Friday, you can try to get your own map, if you can start the bidding at $68,000.

Harvard's George Church founded Knome to sequence genomes for the world's most affluent consumers. Currently, Knome (it's pronounced know-me) charges $99,500 full retail for sequencing, a service acquired by at least 20 people so far. And the X Prize is offering a $10 million prize to the first group that can do it for $10,000 or less.

"This is a time of rapid transition where tools are being developed and people are deciding whether they want to be early adopters or not," Church told CNN.

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