Waegener International AG signs partnership with SDS-Medical Software Solutions

Waegener International AG signs partnership with SDS-Medical Software Solutions

January 26, 2012

Strategic Data Collection and Reporting Pathway Secured

Baar (Zug), Switzerland, January 29, 2012 /PR Newswire/ - Waegener is pleased to announce a strategic partnership in the domain of data collection, reporting and clinical trial performance.

Since its establishment in 2003 Waegener has been focusing on research in the field of bioheat transfer technology and applications to achieve significant reduction of inflammation, swelling and pain with a predictable and successful outcome.

States Waegener CEO and Founder, Mr Levi Dewaegenaere: "Our cTreatment® provides protocols, providing standardized treatments. The measurements of the patient outcomes require the same standardized approach. It is this automated data collection approach that SDS-Medical provides as a strategic addition to our offering. This will bring standard reporting of validated patient questionnaires."

Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Wout van Loon and co-founder of Waegener continues: "Thanks to the SDS solutions, data can now be collected at various levels, including pre- peri and post-operatively. Also the experience of the patient is part of the data collection. So not only hard facts, yet also their sensation of cTreatment is recorded. Every patient is looking to remain pain-free, to be mobile again as soon as possible and to be active again, back to work or any other daily activities. Collecting all this clinical data is a strategic advantage for us as it allows Waegener to further improve our cTreatment platform over time."

States Mr Hanne Muller, managing director at SDS Medical: "The clinical studies that Waegener undertakes and is planning to undertake, both in Europe and the United States, require a rigorous, prescribed and scientifically approved data collection method. This is where SDS Medical offers an important product concept addition. We are pleased to continue our strategic partnership with Waegener International AG."

SDS-Medical, based in The Hague, the Netherlands, is a healthcare software solutions firm. Putting the care process front and center, SDS' software enables healthcare professionals to work across medical disciplines and institutions. The patient is strongly encouraged to enter information autonomously in a straightforward, clear way. A large variety of management information is made available at all times. The solutions provided by SDS include software for clinical trials, electronic patient record platforms and healthcare quality indicator tools. SDS is a leading providing of data collection software to numerous major medical device companies in Europe. Its software solutions are web-based and language independent.

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For more information, please contact Pieter van der Poel, Marketing Director at [email protected] or via +41 79 903 69 90.

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Waegener® is an international medical research and development company predominantly focused on fast track recovery and rehabilitation after traumas and is based in Switzerland. During the last nine years Waegener® developed a range of cTreatments® as a platform to provide specific, protocoled solutions for indications where controlling the inflammation within the optimal ranges, pain and swelling management is vital for fast and total recovery.

Thanks to cTreatment® for orthopedics and trauma indications and trained cTreatment® medical staff, patients recover much faster • Waegener® stands for extensive medical research with medical professionals and • research centers in orthopedics and sports • medicine to offer the best treatments to achieve your objectives in a medication-free • environment.

Headquartered in Baar (Zug), Switzerland, and with subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium and Turkey, Waegener's employees are dedicated to continuously improving professional sports as well as health care practices. Waegener invests substantially in clinical research and studies, quality and safety, global expansion and the development of new cTreatments®.