Visual i/o Announces Cloud-Based, Enterprise Class Business Analytics Solution

Visual i/o Announces Cloud-Based, Enterprise Class Business Analytics Solution


Visual i/o ( today announced an industry-first, cloud-based Software-as-Service (SaaS) solution that allows employees and managers throughout an enterprise to simultaneously access, visualize, analyze and collaborate with one another on essential data.

Visual i/o delivers an immersive interactive data analysis experience that shortens the time normally required by business teams to analyze crucial company data for decision making. Visual i/o facilitates an ongoing dialog with data - to visually identify revealing statuses, trends, thresholds, and significance that are buried within large data sets and hard to find.

"Visual i/o's mission is to redefine BI by integrating the data reporting and analysis process in a shared set of data visualization resources that are easy to use for both analysts and management alike. Current products on the market rely on client-installable software which limits performance and deployability. Visual i/o is the first company to deliver a 100% enterprise-class, browser-based solution -- none of our competitors can make that claim today," said Angela Shen-Hsieh co-founder of Visual i/o.

Traditional BI approaches for data reporting, analysis and presentation are limited because the reports are largely static, making it hard for teams to interactively analyze, discuss and evaluate data at the fast pace businesses operate. Many data graphing and sharing products fall short because of limited data interaction and inflexible analysis options.

"The old-fashioned method of generating and publishing BI reports with no way of performing interactive analysis just amplifies the broken report-question-report cycle that puts a drag on implementing enterprise performance initiatives. Visual i/o fixes that problem by eliminating the information gap between analysts and decision makers-through an immersive approach that lets all participate and contribute as part of an interactive cycle of data access, visualization, analysis, and collaboration with a powerful set of tools useable by managers and analysts alike" said Shen-Hsieh.

Visual i/o software removes barriers to enterprise interaction and data-driven decision making by delivering continuous, on-demand business insight with these benefits:

  • Accessible Via the Cloud

  • Immersive Through a data-interactive visual interface

  • Immediate Over broadband Web connection

  • Dynamic Interact with enterprise databases, BI suites, Web data stores

  • Scaleable Enterprise-grade large data set capability and 1000's of simultaneous users

  • Collaborative Connect and share analysis and insights with colleagues

  • Revealing Make better decisions


Visual i/o provides executives, managers, analysts with an interactive visual analysis tool to view data across multiple dimensions, decision points and milestones per project with drill-down capabilities to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying data. Business users (i.e. managers) now have greater flexibility to easily generate data visualizations (e.g. scatterplots, Gantt charts, and others) by various parameters, on an ad hoc basis, without having to go back to their in-house analysts to create reports.

Visual i/o Features:

  • Cloud Computing Delivery enables lightning fast deployments and system upgrades with zero impact on IT

  • Group Collaboration Capabilities shorten the time it takes to create, circulate, comment on, and analyze reports and analysis.

  • Web-based Data Visualization Builder makes it extremely easy to add expanded or new reports to Visual i/o's shared workspaces.

  • Enterprise-Class Data Handling delivers the capability to work with very large data sets required by enterprise class applications.

  • Intuitive User Interfaces provide highly interactive visualizations (Gantt charts, bubble charts, heat maps) of complex data contained within enterprise databases

  • Easy-to-use Controls and Filters allow users to interactively investigate data in real time so that key results are immediately apparent. Data is made dynamically accessible and reports easily shared with groups of authorized users.

  • Packages Industry-Relevant Templates and expertise (e.g., pharmaceutical portfolio management, sales team forecast) for domain relevance and quick productivity.

  • Rich, Web-based Experience for tracking time flows and trends, exploring patterns in data, and filtering/highlighting based on user requirements.

Visual i/o Benefits

  • Shortens the reporting-analysis cycle for enterprise performance analysis by up to 80% compared to existing BI tools

  • Powerful interactive visual analysis empowers business users and managers to easily understand complex data

  • Comprehensive creation and customization capabilities let analysts construct and share sophisticated analysis in an interactive visual format useable by managers and executives (as well as analysts).

  • Reduces manual reporting processes through self-service capabilities using Visual i/o's shared workspace capability

  • Easy integration with legacy software suites for ongoing ROI

  • Present complex data in digestible, usable formats for executives, management, business end users and even consumers.

  • Facilitate faster, more-informed exploration and refinement of data, and better decision making.