VIRxSYS Presents New Therapeutic Vaccine Data at HIV DART 2010

VIRxSYS Presents New Therapeutic Vaccine Data at HIV DART 2010
LOS CABOS, MEXICO and GAITHERSBURG, MD - December 8, 2010 - VIRxSYS Corporation, a privately held company developing vaccines and RNA therapies, today presented results from a study of VRX1116 at HIV DART 2010 in Los Cabos, Mexico, showing that vaccinated monkeys challenged with highly pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) achieve sustained viral load reduction, preservation of the immune system and increased survival compared to controls. VRX1116 is a simian analogue of VRX1273, the Company's investigational, lentiviral-based vaccine for HIV. HIV DART brings together the top HIV clinicians, researchers, and basic scientists to discuss the ongoing drug development process in antiretroviral research, providing the scientific community with an increased understanding of the current and future challenges in therapeutics for HIV infection.
"The results we presented at DART are representative of the ongoing successess of our research," said Franck Lemiale, PhD, Senior Director of Vaccines and Immunology for VIRxSYS, "If successfully translated to humans, our results would indicate that the therapeutic vaccine VRX1273 has the potential to lower levels of circulating virus, diminish its damage to the immune system and improve the lives of individuals living with HIV. We are honored to share our findings at this very important annual conference on research in HIV therapeutics."
Data presented by VIRxSYS at the meeting described the unique features demonstrated by its vaccine platform. The technology may overcome hurdles faced by other vaccine candidates recently developed by other companies. The recent results obtained by VIRxSYS in macaques seem to validate this approach. In the monkeys reacting to the vaccine, robust antiviral immune responses translated into reduction of viral load, protection of the CD4 compartment, and extended survival despite the use of a high dose of highly pathogenic challenge. A major finding in this study was the ability of the VRX1116 to suppress virus replication below detection levels for extended periods, up to sixteen months post-challenge, in a subset of vaccinated animals.
"Those observations are highly encouraging for the future application of this vaccine strategy in humans," added Dr. Lemiale.
HIV DART 2010: Frontiers in Drug Development for Antiretroviral Therapies was held December 7 - 10, 2010 at the Hilton Los Cabos, Mexico.  The VRX1116 data was presented in a talk titled "Novel lentiviral vectors as HIV vaccine candidates".
Founded in 1998, VIRxSYS is a private biotechnology company that develops therapies for the treatment of serious human diseases utilizing its proprietary lentiviral vector and RNA reprogramming platforms. The Company exclusively licensed its patented lentiviral technology from The Johns Hopkins University and acquired its SMaRTTM RNA reprogramming technology from Intronn Inc. More information regarding VIRxSYS can be found at
About VIRxSYS' HIV Vaccine Program
VIRxSYS' lentiviral vector vaccine program is testing an investigational HIV vaccine candidate designed for therapeutic and prophylactic use. The company's vaccine candidates against HIV are currently being evaluated in preclinical studies in non-human primates.
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