Vertex trims a telaprevir study from its slate of hep C work

Vertex ($VRTX) has trimmed one of its ongoing mid-stage studies of the closely-watched hepatitis C drug telaprevir. The developer says it is halting a test of the drug in combination with its other experimental therapy--VX-222. But tests of the two drugs in other combo therapies will continue.

"This trial has provided important information regarding telaprevir and VX-222-based combination regimens, and three of the five treatment arms are proceeding as planned," said Robert Kauffman, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Vertex. "We are pleased with the progress of both four-drug treatment arms and look forward to the first quarter of 2011 when on-treatment data from these arms will become available and enrollment in the three-drug treatment arm is expected to begin."

Vertex completed its NDA on telaprevir just weeks ago, leaving the company poised to pursue a 2011 approval that would open the door to a blockbuster new treatment for hep C.

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