VC insiders inject $16M into Chimerix

With an experimental antiviral in mid-stage clinical trials, Research Triangle Park, NC-based Chimerix has raised $16.1 million from a Series E. Canaan Partners, Alta Partners, Sanderling Ventures and Asset Management Company participated in this insider round.

Much of that money is earmarked for further development of CMX001, a broad-spectrum antiviral in Phase II for cytomegalovirus (CMV) and BK virus. CMX001 is also being studied as a possible treatment for smallpox. And Chimerix is planning to push the anti-HIV therapy CMX157 into Phase I.

"These funds will enable us to drive forward clinical development of our promising drug candidates to a point where we are well-positioned to make strategic decisions about the best course for late-stage clinical development, as well as potential partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies," said Chimerix CEO George Painter, Ph.D.

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