VC groups proffer $14.4M to back Yaupon's lymphoma drug app

Yaupon Therapeutics has rounded up $14.4 million in venture capital in a Series D round designed to get the biotech company through the New Drug Application process for its gel therapy for lymphoma. Previous investors at Vivo Ventures, Palo Alto Investors and Burrill & Company contributed cash along with the newly arrived Aperture Venture Partners.

Investigators working for the Malvern, PA-based Yaupon have been studying a gel formulation of mechlorethamine hydrochloride to treat stage I and IIA) mycosis fungoides, a form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. If approved, Yaupon says its drug would be the first topical mechlorethamine gel widely available to treat the signs and symptoms of this rare cancer.

"This financing provides us with the necessary capital to take us through the NDA regulatory review process, while preparing for commercialization either alone or with an industry partner," said Yaupon Chairman and CEO Steve Tullman. "We appreciate the strong support of existing and new investors and their ongoing confidence in the potential of our product for the treatment of this common type of CTCL."

- here's the Yaupon release

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