VaxInnate’s Bird flu vaccine steps into phase I trials

July 2, 2012 USA Washington ( It’s really good news in this bird flu pandemic atmosphere that the VaxInnate pharmaceutical company has been advanced to its next stage of bird flu drug development, which is the phase I clinical trials. The drug that is being developed by VaxInnate with the view of providing protection against the detrimental bird flu clinical condition has been code named as VAX161. The current project on bird flu is a part of the five year contract of VaxInnate for development of clinical therapeutic options such as vaccines against the pandemic as well as seasonal bird flu. The company has been awarded funds worth $196 million for a five year period to carry out research in this area of health. The phase I clinical trial of VAX161 is found to be initiated early and the clinical centers of the Florida and Kansas area have been finalized for the study. The study is found to be conducted on around 250 physically fit volunteers, who will be receiving two doses of the vaccine with a difference of three weeks between each dose. David Taylor, M.D and Chief Medical Officer said that the main target of the study is the dose optimization on the basis of the safety and immunogenicity of the VAX161 vaccine. He further added that their vaccine is very powerful and possess the capacity to function in a potent and effective manner and the accurate pandemic bird flu vaccine. The vaccine VAX161 is being prepared by fusing a protein of the bird flu virus to that of a protein fragment from the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium, which posses the potential to turn on a potent immune response. Hence, the production of the vaccine is carried out in the bacteria and this approach may highly reduce the production cost along with making the development process more pliable. For more: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC, USA – 20002