Vantia touts its midstage therapy for menstrual cramps

The UK's Vantia has been touting the potential of a new therapy designed to ease severe menstrual cramps. And the developer has garnered headlines around the world for a new study of theirs on the experimental VA111913.

Researchers for the company set out to treat the underlying symptoms of dysmenorrhoea, sifting through hundreds of compounds before settling on VA111913. The drug is engineered to block the hormone vasopressin, which regulates contractions of the uterus. Increased contractions increase menstrual cramping, so they reasoned that they are on a path toward offering an effective treatment.

"This is a different approach," said Andy Crockett, vice president of business development for Vantia, which expects Phase II data later this year. "Right now, the current therapies for menstrual cramps are poorly tailored." Vantia says that 10 to 20 percent of all women suffer from severe cramping.

Vantia says that if they stay on track, an oral therapy could be approved in four years.

- here's the report from The Telegraph
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