Vaccine startup banks $10M round for Ph1 study

A startup biotech company focused on a new generation of vaccines has brought in more than $10 million in Series A cash, with Paris-based Sofinnova Partners joining with Forbion Capital Partners on the round.

Founded just a few months ago in Vienna, Hookipa Biotech says in a release that it plans to develop therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines using its Vaxwave platform. A lead vaccine, HB101, has been validated in preclinical work and the money will be used to put it through Phase I testing. Dr. Katherine Cohen is leading Hookipa Biotech as the CEO.

"Effective vaccines inducing a potent combination of cellular and humoral immunity represent the next frontier in vaccinology," said Graziano Seghezzi, a partner at Sofinnova Partners. "Hookipa's Vaxwave technology addresses the industry's current shortcomings, potentially paving the way for the treatment of numerous persistent viral infections. Sofinnova Partners will bring its expertise and open its network to the company; and I am thrilled to work alongside Katherine Cohen in building Hookipa Biotech's success."

- here's the press release